About GSeL

Graduate School of eLearning (GSeL) was established as an international eLearning institution by the University Council of Assumption University on April 25, 2002 in order to provide an eLearning system of distance education using the Internet as the core interface. In practice this is supplemented by off-line eLearning, M-Learning, AV media, and limited face-to-face interactions. The Master of Science program in Management commenced in 2005 as our first eLearning course offer. Subsequently, in 2006, the Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology and Doctor of Philosophy in eLearning Methodology programs were initiated followed by the Master of Science in eLearning Methodology and Graduate Diploma in Teaching Profession programs in the year 2009.

In July 2012, the name CIDE was officially changed to Graduate School of eLearning (GSeL). At present, 5 degree programs are being offered at the GSeL comprising 3 master’s degree programs and 2 doctoral degree programs:

  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Science in Information Technology and Management
  • Master of Education in Teaching and Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in eLearning Methodology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Technology

All courses offered at GSeL are Internet learning based. In order to facilitate quality courseware and Learning Management System (LMS), GSeL adopted the open source software “MOODLE” as its main LMS engine. The GSel has customized the basic LMS by adding features to enable viewing of video lectures online using video streaming. The customized LMS is called SCIT Plus. The SCIT Plus system allows students to view and listen to the lectures, communicate with instructors and fellow students as well as submitting assignments and participating in quizzes online.

The eLearning provides a life long learning for anyone in any course, is convenient for studying from any place at any time and at any pace, 24 hours a day. GSeL summarises the advantages of eLearning via our motto:
“Life long learning for anyone, in any course from anywhere and at anytime”
The GSeL plans to develop new eLearning programs at all levels of education- Ph.D., Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate degree which will be offered to interested individuals to increase their knowledge and experience in different fields.

The training courses will also be planned to service the social needs, offering  e-training by our Continuing Education in the near future.

Vision and Mission


To become a unique and leading international institute of eLearning offering state-of-the-art education and research in several academic fields as well as new emerging areas of interdisciplinary studies.


  • To develop high quality eLearning programs and academic services for education.
  • To produce qualified and committed professional with core academic values of Excellence, Virtue, Integrity, Intellectual Freedom and Future Orientation.


Graduate School of eLearning,
Assumption University of Thailand,
Srisakdi Charmonman IT center,
88 Moo 8, Bang Na-Trad Rd.Km.26,
Bang Sao Thong, Samutprakan,
Thailand 10570


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Monday - Friday : 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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