Admission Requirements

1. Master’s degree or equivalent in related field from an accredited institution.

2. Working/teaching experience of at least 2 years.

3. Three letters of Recommendation

Please note that to get admission in the PhD eLearning Methodology program at GSeL following documents are required. If you uploaded the needed documents we would acknowledge it immediately.
It is quite possible that you may not have uploaded all the documents. If you missed uploading a few required documents, you make sure to send them separately via email to
A list of documents required for your admission to GSeL is given below. Please Upload:

  1. One (1) Most recent digital photograph
  2. One (1) digital copy of passport (For Foreigners)
  3. One (1) digital copy of Citizen ID (For Thai Citizens only)
  4. One (1) digital copy of Residence Registration (For Thai Citizens only)
  5. One (1) digital copy of last Degree you acquired (Bachelor/Master/PhD)
  6. One (1) digital copy of Official Transcript (Mark-Sheet) of last degree
  7. One (1) digital copy of brief CV or Resume
  8. One (1) digital copy of Research Concept Paper (See a Guideline)

After uploading 1-8 please pay interview fee- (2000 Baht) if you transfer Thai currency through a bank in Thailand and approximately (US$110) if you transfer from overseas banks. Then send a copy of receipt or transfer slip to:

As soon as the tasks mentioned above are taken care you will be informed about face-to-face or online interview which will be held using any of the popular conferencing tools such as WebEx, Skype, Facebook Messenger or any other VDO conferencing tool you may be using. Your admission will be finalized within one week after you complete all requirements and an official Admission Letter will be sent to you.

Read dissertation of the program to know more about the research in eLearning Methodology.

Thank you for applying at GSeL. We are very pleased that you will study with one of the best international university in Thailand, ASEAN and beyond. Welcome aboard.


Admission Procedures

Admission Documents
You can download the following forms in PDF format